Configuring Procore to Meet Business Needs

Assessment, Optimization and Management of Procore

"Aedo was a great partner for setting up our Procore Financials the right way. It saved us time and ensured we get the most out of our investment "

The Client: A North-American based general contractor, design-build firm specializing in commercial buildings.

The Challenge

A client was hoping to find a suitable software to manage their project management, financial and taxation needs while being cost effective and compatible with their specific region. The client had previously been a Procore customer, however they had not been able to implement it to address their needs across the organization. Internally the client researched and selected another software, however they were unable to implement it to their needs. A combination of factors created barriers to implementing their project management software including: lack of internal implementation support, lack of integration with their ERP and challenges with changing their workflow to match the technology configuration. The client needed support to select a platform that matched their business processes, instead of changing their key processes to fit a technology.

The Solution

The client engaged Aedo to aid in the selection of the right technology. Aedo implemented their proven process of comprehensive assessment, optimization and management to ensure that the technology fit the business processes of the organization. In the assessment phase Aedo engaged key stakeholders across the organization and was able to create a comprehensive selection criteria against which to determine whether the platform was the correct fit. Aedo determined that Procore was the best solution for the client. In the optimization phase Aedo documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and, integrated Procore financials with their ERP system. Finally, during the management phase Aedo supported the client to engage with Procore, ensuring all of their issues and concerns were resolved as needed through weekly meetings

The Business Impact

1. Just Right Technology-Business Fit

Selecting technology based on the needs to the users/ key stakeholders allowed for the platform to solve the right business problems. Having the right technology-business fit means that technology improves business processes rather then adding more friction to construction processes.

2. Implementing On-Demand Issue Resolution

Working with Aedo resulted in a reduction in wasted time searching for solutions and workarounds when needing extra support to implement the technology selected.

3. Technical Expertise to Support Technology Selection

Having technical expertise at their disposal during technology selection and implementation meetings provided the client with stronger bargaining power and allowed for deeper discussions.

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