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Your better business future starts when you get the Procore Advantage™

Manage your data, manage your insights, manage your business

There is a better future for your business. It starts with Procore.

With a few adjustments, you can start realizing its potential. Between data and actionable insights, you’ve got a roadblock.

Does this sound familiar?


Your team is working hard - but not on the things that deliver real value to your business

Staff diverted from core tasks

You know how to improve your business - but you can't make it happen because you can't pull the intel you need

lack of tailored setup

Your team is not getting the most out of Procore - they attended training but it did not line up quite right to what you are trying to accomplish

We can help you tackle problems like these. We call it Procore Advantage ™

Your Path to Optimization

One size doesn’t fit all in construction, the Procore Advantage by Aedo is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that Procore becomes an integral part of your success story.

A Results-Oriented Approach
Comprehensive Assessment

A deep dive into your operations, detailing the goals and expectations from your investment in this world-class platform. Outlining who needs to do what when - tailored to your unique business need. Understanding other technology and data components that Procore needs to interface with.

Optimization Trailmap

The fine-tuning of your Procore environment. A tailored recommendation that aligns precisely with your business questions and operational goals. This includes business impact and Investment Check™.

On-Demand Management

Procore evolves, and so does your strategy. We keep you at the forefront of Procore's capabilities, ensuring lasting efficiency gains.

Why Choose Procore Advantage™
Unlock ROI Potential

Reap the full rewards of your Procore investment as efficiency and productivity soar.

Seamless Integration

Bid farewell to workarounds. Seamlessly integrate Procore into your processes for a unified approach.

Empowered Workforce

Our training empowers your team to be Procore champions, eliminating hesitations and roadblocks.

Future-Ready Strategy

With ongoing management, your Procore strategy adapts and thrives, keeping your construction business ahead.