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Aedo Blue™
Premier Construction Data & Technology Advisory and Services

Unlocking the Power of Your Construction Data


In the world of construction, leaders like you face many challenges, standing at the crossroads of innovation and tradition. The construction landscape is evolving rapidly, and the pressure to embrace technology and data-driven strategies has never been greater.

Technology Headache

Bridging the gap between technological investments and tangible results.

Task Overload

Your teams are getting stuck in tasks that don't really matter.

Project "Black Hole"

Struggling to see how your projects are really doing, right now.

Overwhelm & Paralysis

Navigating the sea of construction data, unsure of how to harness its potential.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Aedo Blue is a strategic data advisory and implementation service that helps construction leaders tackle data-related challenges.

With Aedo Blue, you can transform raw construction data into valuable assets that drive growth and success. By gaining a clear understanding of your current situation, identifying adoption and utilization challenges, and having access to on-demand expertise that can address these challenges, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

A Collaborative & Results-Oriented Approach

A deep dive into understanding your unique data problems and opportunities. Your clear business goals are defined, ensuring a strategic alignment between data initiatives and your overall business objectives. We work with you to prioritize efforts based on impact, and to create a tailored solution plan, known as the TrailmapTM, to address these challenges.

Armed with a strategic plan, we execute. Giving you access to a team of seasoned experts ready to navigate obstacles and seize opportunities. Implementing the solution plan will give you access to cutting-edge capabilities.


An ongoing management of your technology, including Procore, Rhumbix, and others, ensuring that your systems are integrated, communicating with each other, and that data is seamlessly delivered where you need it to go. The continuing management of your information assets will ensure that they are on a continual improvement journey.

Aedo Blue™ operates on a flexible pricing model, placing the power in your hands. Adjust or cancel your investment level at any time, giving you control over the pace of your data and digital transformation.


Ensuring Strategic Business Impact

Each technology and data investment you make is accompanied by our signature Investment Check™ to ensure that the impact on your business far outweighs the investment costs associated with it. 

With an Investment Check™, you can mitigate risk, align your investments with your business objectives, and stay ahead of the curve.

Systems Configurations Functionality Validation
Discover the true cost of data management for your organization and its impact on your business success

Upon completion you will receive a report outlining the costs to your business and any downstream impacts,
with recommendations that you can take away to share with your organization

You will get insights about: 

How manual data entry is directly affecting your business today.
What downstream impacts manual data entry has on your construction business.
What you can do to mitigate the risks and impacts that manual data entry is having on your business. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Let’s tackle these challenges together and embark on a journey of transformation.

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