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About Aedo

Building Insight. Building Success

About Aedo

Building Insight. Building Success

Our Company

Aedo is a leading provider of data-driven solutions and services for construction companies. Our mission is to help our clients modernize their critical business systems and adopt new behaviors that enable data-driven analytics and business intelligence to accelerate growth, increase profitability, streamline productivity, and reduce financial risks.

Our company has a highly-focused history and expertise that is firmly rooted in the construction industry. We understand the unique business models and challenges of the construction industry and have developed solutions, technology, and processes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our approach consists of three pillars: Plan, Build, and Manage.

In the planning phase, we conduct in-depth discovery processes to assess and identify data blind spots, understand our clients’ unique data analytics requirements, develop their data storyboard, select the appropriate technology, and create their roadmap.

The second phase of our process involves the implementation of our planning phase. In this phase, we develop applications where required, configure applications and data workflows, and build and configure Microsoft PowerBI for data visualizations and reporting.

Our final phase encompasses a variety of managed services, including having your very own Chief Data Officer, business analysts, and support team. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have the support they need to manage their data-driven solutions and make informed decisions based on their data insights.

At Aedo we are committed-08

At Aedo, we are committed to helping construction companies succeed in a rapidly evolving industry by providing them with the tools, technology, and support they need to stay competitive and thrive.