Transforming Operational Efficiency

A Tailored Approach to Procore Adoption

"Aedo was a true partner to the team through the planning, rollout and training phases with the Procore tool. It was important that we try and minimize the disruption that this change in software could create and allow our employees to remain focused on our core construction offerings."

The Client: A large Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing specialty contractor with offices across Canada. They are an industry leader in some of the most complex ICI projects across the country.

The Challenge

The company chose to implement the Procore solution in 2018, with a desire to elevate its operational performance. Their priority was on supporting their field teams with timely and consistent project information. Due to several factors, they had varying degrees of adoption across their offices. Adoption was further complicated by the intricacies in their ERP setup across Canada. 

The Solution

Aedo worked with the company to create a comprehensive training plan to bring all team members up to speed with the platform, establishing a vast network of in-house Procore champions to support the entire organization and reduce the risk of a ‘single point of dependency or failure’. The solution included Virtual Group Training Sessions, In Person ‘Boots on the Ground’ Training for Field Staff and One-On-One Issue resolution for designated Procore Champions. Aedo introduced consistent processes, tracked user adoption and improvement and provided issue resolution. 

The Business Impact
  1. Enhanced Collaboration Through Standardization
    Aedo standardized processes and workflows to improve team collaboration within the company. This consistency streamlined communication and boosted productivity.

  2. Tailored Training for Procore Adoption
    Aedo customized training sessions for Procore to meet the specific needs of employees, maximizing effectiveness and accelerating user adoption.

  3. Customization has driven Procore Success
    Aedo’s flexible training approach, tailored to individual needs, increased Procore adoption rates, emphasizing customization as the key to success.