Modernizing Operations

ERP Transition and Labor Management Solution

“‘We had a desire to create a more data driven culture in the organization, however, after the rollout of Procore and the ERP conversion, trust was eroded as information was spread across different platforms and was sometimes difficult to access. The Aedo team worked to restore this trust, establishing a ‘single source of truth’ to validate data accuracy and streamline the access to information.”


The Client: A large Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing specialty contractor with offices across Canada. They are an industry leader in some of the most complex ICI projects across the country.

The Challenge

The company underwent an ERP transition project, shifting from a partially integrated Sage 300 system to a fully integrated Oracle NetSuite solution. This undertaking encompassed the consolidation of their Procore platform into a unified national environment and the transfer of data from the old instance to the new one. 

The Solution

Aedo played a pivotal role in assisting the company during its transition by assembling a team of specialists dedicated to providing support and expertise. Furthermore, Aedo collaborated closely with the company to create a tailored labor planning and management solution. This platform was designed to seamlessly integrate with essential software systems, including Procore, NetSuite, and the Refinery CDM. By acting as the central repository for labor plans, it facilitated efficient coordination and data exchange between these critical systems.

The Business Impact
  1. Ensured Accurate and Trustworthy Information
    Aedo prioritized precise and reliable data by implementing robust collection and validation processes. This built trust among employees and stakeholders, ensuring they had access to accurate, up-to-date information reflecting the organization’s true performance.

  2. Promoted Consistency in Processes and Reporting
    Aedo established standardized procedures and reporting formats across the organization, reducing confusion and inefficiency. This unified approach ensured all stakeholders shared a common understanding of key processes and metrics, fostering a synchronized effort toward achieving organizational goals.

  3. Enabled Timely Labor Data Reporting and Performance Metrics
    Aedo implemented systems for real-time or near-real-time labor data capture, facilitating swift responses to changing conditions and informed decision-making. This agility improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.