Business Critical Insights for Construction Companies

Aedo Unlocks Powerful Insights
From Your Untapped Data

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

cost effective insights

Cost Effective Insights

decision making

Better Decision Making

You’re Flying Blind

Most construction projects are a black hole with little to no insight on whether your project is on time and on budget.

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construction data

The Difference is in the Data

Companies that embrace a culture of data driven decision making radically outperform those that don’t.

Unlock the pattern behind better performance

Aedo helps you supercharge the performance of your business by unlocking powerful insights from your untapped data.

Aedo Insight Process

Your single
source of truth

Streamline your data into a single powerful platform

Focus on the metrics that matter

Save time with simple and easy reporting

Reduce errors from manual data entry

Powerful insights on

Make better decisions with the right data when and where you need it

Reduce risk by finding
and fixing field issues
before they happen

Reduce budget overages with more accurate forecasts

Works with
what you’ve got

Get more out of the software you’ve already invested in

Interoperable with over 50+ software providers

 Platform neutral

No additional IT training or hiring needed

Get rapid
results easy

Get results in less than 6 weeks

No-risk, cancel anytime contracts

Stop paying for low-value activities

Your partner for growth

Aedo wants to work with the trailblazers in construction!

We understand the pitfalls and frustrations and can help you avoid them.

We have lived and breathed data for two decades.

We can be your partner and secret weapon on your journey.

Mike Boryski, President

“What distinguishes our approach is we love our clients’ problems rather than falling in love with our solution

Chris Ovens, CVO and Founder

“Ultimately, our product is our clients’ data transformation journey

Darren Nelson, CTO

“We speak your language”