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The Construction Technology Dilemma: Why You Need a Data Strategy

Meet Jill. Jill is the VP of Operations for a regional commercial contractor. She is responsible for construction projects that span multiple cities and types, accountable for P&L at both the project and region levels. She often feels like she is swimming in a sea of data, but despite all the numbers and reports, she often feels like she’s operating blindly.

You may know exactly how Jill feels.

Like Jill, you’ve seen and been involved in numerous construction technology initiatives that just don’t seem to live up to their promises. Rather than improving operations, it seems your people spend their time “making the technology work”. You can’t fathom adding another piece of software to the mix; it feels like a quagmire right now. Jill and you find yourselves navigating a labyrinth of fragmented data.

What if there was a way out of this quagmire and through this maze? An approach to rise above the complexity of your construction technology and chart a path to significant and ongoing business performance improvements.

The solution you’ve been searching for is simpler than you think: a data strategy.

In its simplest form, a data strategy is a plan for extracting valuable insights from your data to directly support your business goals. Think of it as your roadmap for turning raw data into a treasure trove of actionable information.

Construction projects are data goldmines. From drawings and schedules to labour costs and materials, data is constantly being generated. However, without a data strategy, this data often goes untapped, acting more like clutter than a resource.

Imagine reducing your operational costs by 15% or improving worker safety by identifying and mitigating risks in real time. These aren’t just possibilities; they are direct outcomes of a robust data strategy.

Areas like cost savings, operational efficiency, risk mitigation, quick and improved decision-making, compliance adherence, streamlined timelines, and customer retention are where a data strategy can make a dramatic impact. Developing your data strategy can be like finally finding your company’s GPS.

How to get started

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three simple steps to get started with a data strategy:

  1. Identify an insight that would address an important operational blind spot.
  2. Make technology serve you in creating that data insight.
  3. Measure the effectiveness. See what you learn.

It doesn’t take months or a disruptive IT project to get started. You can see significant business impact in a matter of weeks. And building off wins creates momentum.

The future of data-driven construction

A clear data strategy will steer you out of the quagmire of poor tech investments and operational inefficiency. Imagine…

  • knowing exactly where your projects stand,
  • understanding cost overruns before they happen,
  • having clients praise your efficiency.
That’s the power of a good data strategy.

Your first step towards a successful data strategy awaits. So why wait? Imagine a day when data doesn’t perplex you but empowers you. You could achieve operational efficiencies that streamline projects and make clients happier, all while boosting your bottom line.

Jill isn’t waiting, and neither should you! Take that first step on a journey that could transform your business.

Schedule a complimentary Data Strategy Discovery session or watch the workshop: Improving Construction Data Analytics to Drive Positive Business Outcomes to learn more.