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Workshop: Improving Construction Data Analytics to Drive Positive Business Outcomes

As digital transformation continues to impact the construction industry, data is quickly becoming the gold standard for enhanced project management, cost savings, keeping projects on time and budget, and much more.

However, poorly designed reports and dashboards remain a primary challenge—often resulting in a would-be business asset becoming a resource-intensive liability for construction operations.

In this 60-minute workshop event, attendees will be presented with the tools and methodology—including a downloadable working process document—to create actionable, meaningful user-centric reports and dashboards.

Throughout the session, our construction data specialists guide attendees through the approach in real-time, helping them create an actionable data insight plan for their unique business requirements resulting in how to:

  • Use a data maturity framework to understand and diagnose technology problems
  • Avoid overly-complex dashboards and haphazard data reports
  • Create actionable steps to identify and design impactful data insights
  • Build a data investment strategy by assessing data-driven initiatives
  • Establish and action a data maturity framework

FREE OFFER: All viewer are invited to submit their process documents —our Construction Data Specialists will provide a free assessment of the information and insights on achieving desired goals.

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