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Achieving Data Clarity from Data Chaos at Procore Ground Break 2023

"Developing Your Business-Led Data Strategy"

By Chris Ovens, CEO

In a world where technological advancements happen at lightning speed, the construction industry faces its unique set of challenges in adopting new technologies and streamlining digital operations. The desire to innovate and enhance is strong, yet construction companies often grapple with hurdles like narrow profit margins, a shortage of tech experts, and the intricate task of integrating modern solutions with legacy systems.

Our mission is to help construction leaders become trailblazers in overcoming these challenges.

What You'll Learn
  • Business Strategy Drives Data Strategy
  • Problems are Opportunities (in Disguise)
  • Seeing the Whole Picture
  • The Journey of Many Steps
  • Technology & Data Investment Management → Designing Your Future
Our Pledge

You’ll be empowered to craft an actionable data strategy customized for your business! This strategy will align seamlessly with your company’s business objectives and generate measurable business impact within weeks, not months or years.

Discover Aedo Blue: A Game Changer for Construction
Even if you can’t be with us in person, there’s big news coming up! Next week, we’re introducing Aedo Blue, the Premier Construction Data Advisory. This industry-defining service is designed for trailblazers like you, offering the exclusive opportunity to supercharge your construction team with cutting-edge technology and data expertise.

Find out how a data strategy can transform your construction projects.