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The workflow of successful timecard integration 

Save $1,600 per project with modernized digital timecard integration

The most disputed part of any timecard and payroll management scenario is that the processes often involve out-of-date technology—too many legacy systems, leaving data siloed and not easily accessible through modern technology. Previously, data had to flow through multiple systems before it was available for analytics and business insight. This multi-step process was inefficient, resulted in record-keeping discrepancies, and placed a burden upon resources that would be better allocated to more pressing business matters.

More and more, construction companies are relying on the use of digital timecards and payroll services. There is a multitude of reasons for this––the digital approach is a proven way to smoothly integrate and improve interoperability, allowing for a seamless stream of data between systems. Additionally, digital applications alleviate the burden of paper overload, outdated manual entry, and lack of insight––that is, knowing how many hours, overtime, allowed time vs. overtime, human error, and more.

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Infographic: The workflow of successful timecard integration