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The trials and tribulations of selecting the right software

The idea of modernizing your construction business is daunting. I get it. Between the upfront costs, an overwhelming number of modern software application options, and the thought of migrating and integrating years upon years of data and data silos––modernizing gets put on the back burner; while you focus your attention on more urgent and pressing matters. The unfortunate reality is that the longer you put aside software upgrades, the more money you lose, while competitors gain an edge. 

Moreover, the upfront cost of adopting a new application can appear steep. Consider the required people, the price of a new application, the time and money spent creating a deployment plan, training, and the potential for user resistance. As a result, it is often easier to stick with what you know than to upgrade. 

Further, there are many software application options. Unfortunately, many of them boast out-of-box solutions, which, although tempting, don’t work for the day-to-day nuance of a construction company. With so many options available, knowing which platform is right for your organization can take time and effort. Additionally, selecting an out-of-box application may cost your organization more in the long run, as more applications will be required to perform specialized tasks.

Moreover, migrating data and ensuring interoperability between data silos is time-consuming and complicated. It offers too much room for user error, resulting in lost critical data insights. In addition, the interoperability of legacy and modernized systems when multiple data silos are present is too complex for the so-called easy button.

Happily, selecting the right software is no longer a complicated process. Hiring an Expert Technology Advisor (ETA) can help you choose the right new software. Modern technologies can now be tweaked and configured to meet your organization’s unique needs. In addition, modern applications can integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and current data silos, allowing all your business insights to be accessible from one dashboard. A single source that will enable you to view all data across your company and project lifecycles. 

Additionally, utilizing Expert Technology Advisors can help you make the most of the software you already have. ETA’s can help you tweak and configure your current applications—rather than completely upgrading your systems unnecessarily. 

Modern applications are saving companies millions of dollars annually through the critical business intelligence needed to improve labor and material forecasts, find and fix field issues before they become a problem and deliver projects on time and within budget.

The future is bright for construction companies willing to invest in technology that generates substantial ROI—tapping into critical data insights is the only way forward for successful organizations. Eliminating data silos, allowing for seamless communication results in accurate data reports. The time to invest is now. 

Are you ready?