Streamlining Subcontractor Payment Processes

Aedo's Effective Solution


Estimated Annual Savings

12 Hours

Per Project/Per week
Time Savings

“Aedo’s solution gave our staff back their time. It eliminated the time-consuming, manual processes. Something that used to take us hours on a regular basis is now just one form once a week.”

The Client: A specialty contractor based in the United States, with over 60 years of experience. Offering services including drywall, masonry and other specialties.

The Challenge

Our client’s project teams were overwhelmed by a laborious and time-consuming process to ensure accurate payments were made to their subcontractor based on the work completed. Weekly, the firm’s foremen recorded each subcontractor’s completion percentage on paper forms. Project Engineers then tediously input this data into six distinct systems. This process not only drained Project Engineers’ time but also prevented them from focusing on
critical on-site duties and overseeing high-impact tasks.

The Solution

After a deep dive into the problem, Aedo delivered a solution where a Project Coordinator would enter field data just once a week for each project. By integrating together, the six distinct technology platforms, Aedo not only made data handling more efficient but also converged the data into a single field form. This solution reclaimed countless hours previously lost to manual data entry. Furthermore, it minimized subcontractor payment errors and improved the data quality and availability for strategic decision-making.

The Business Impact
  1. Cost Savings
    Aedo’s solution saved approximately 12 hours per project per week assembling paper field forms and performing manual data entry. Given the multitude of projects completed annually, this translated to an estimated annual savings of $750,000 for our client.

  2. Costly Error Reduction
    By eliminating manual data entry, the solution reduced discrepancies in subcontractor payments and potential disputes with the Accounts Payable team. This ensured smoother financial operations and stronger relationships with their subcontractors.

  3. Improved Employee Satisfaction
    Freed from tedious manual data entry, the firm’s Project Engineers experienced a significant boost in job satisfaction. This liberation also enabled them to focus on higher-value work.