Streamlining Construction Operations

A Solution for Enhanced Construction Efficiency

“We have gained hours of time back for all of our administrative staff who create projects in our systems, resulting in increased efficiency dramatically. The product we received has been worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend Aedo to colleagues and not only that, Aedo will be our first call for everything API in the future as well.”

The Client: A North American-based electrical contractor offers expertise in electrical installations required for all facets of commercial and industrial building development.

The Challenge

The process that the client was using, created siloed systems that required manual data entry, specifically, around project creation, timekeeping and payroll processing. Company admins were spending hours keeping different technologies up to date. If changes were made to one system, they needed to go to the other systems and enter all the same information manually. Due to this, there was a possibility of human error leading to inaccurate information and eventually financial issues.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation of the issue, Aedo proposed an integration between three construction technologies essential to the Client’s operations. Once the solution was put into effect, data from various sources began to synchronize, causing alterations made in one source to be instantly updated in the others. Consequently, the previously required manual effort of duplicating and transferring information became obsolete, leading to the elimination of subsequent financial or other complications.

The Business Impact
  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency
    The integration of construction technologies facilitated seamless data synchronization across different sources. This automation eliminated the need for manual copying and transferring of information, streamlining processes and significantly improving operational efficiency leading to quicker project completion times.

  2. Improved Data Accuracy
    With real-time updates across all sources, the risk of inconsistent or outdated information was greatly reduced. The automated synchronization ensured that changes made in one source were promptly reflected in others, eliminating discrepancies and enhancing data accuracy.

  3. Cost and Resource Savings
    The elimination of manual efforts required for copying and pasting information resulted in substantial time and resource savings. The increased efficiency and accuracy in data management reduced the likelihood of financial discrepancies and potentially cut down on operational costs.