Revolutionizing Safety Management with Automated Tailgate Reports

Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Efficiency

3.5 Hours

Weekly Time Savings

180 Hours

Annual Time Savings

“Now we know where we stand with our safety reporting,
without so much time wasted with typing in details or
correcting errors.”

The Client is a union contractor, headquartered in North America, specializing in commercial painting.

The Challenge

Tailgate Safety is a compliance report that is to be submitted regularly as regulated by the government. Safety Managers at the client were manually creating these reports, by pulling out the data from different sources (ERP and timecards) to track down the employees who didn’t submit their details. The managers were then sending a reminder email to those employees to take action on a weekly basis. They were spending roughly more than 5 hours per week manually entering details, chasing employees for details and formatting the report. The whole process was time-consuming and delayed the approvals. In addition, it was error prone. 

The Solution

After a thorough investigation of the problem, Aedo delivered a report to save the manual efforts and time consumption in the above process. Aedo created an Audit Report which automatically pulls the details of employees from different sources who have missed submitting the safety report and will send out the email notifications on behalf of the Safety Manager.

The Business Impact
  1. Time Savings and Increased Efficiency
    The client’s adoption of the solution translates to a remarkable 3.5 hours saved per week, culminating in approximately 180 hours per year. This newfound efficiency frees up valuable time that can be directed towards more critical tasks, ultimately contributing to heightened overall productivity.

  2. Cost Reduction
    The solution’s implementation has led to an approximate annual cost reduction of 50% for the client. This reduction in expenses enhances the company’s bottom line and signifies a tangible return on investment.

  3. Accelerated Approvals and Time Management
    The solution has notably expedited the approval process for the client, reducing unnecessary time wastage. This increased speed in approvals can enhance project timelines, operational efficiency, and overall project management effectiveness.