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Estimated Annual Savings



Estimated Annual Savings

[Payroll Staff]

250 Hours

Annual Time Savings

”You (Aedo) took care of any issues that I had where I had to manually fix on my upload, which is great. So everything's been perfect. I just know, when I run it, it's just there. Literally, it is a click of a button, and all is coded correctly! This is amazing and brings much happiness, the way it should work, I'm crying tears of joy over here."

The Client: A large North American based contractor with general contracting and self perform operations with a wide variety of construction projects operating with over 10,000 employees.

The Challenge

The Timecard reports at a client’s company are used for auditing and accounting purposes. The Payroll Administrator generated these timecard reports for all the projects and then requested approvals from key stakeholders. They used Microsoft Excel macros and their timekeeping system’s API to surface timecard
details broken out by project. The whole process was complicated and would consume approximately 5 hours per week of the Payroll Administrator’s time. It was also error-prone as there were instances found where the employees were overpaid.

The Solution

After gaining a thorough understanding of the problem, Aedo delivered a streamlined solution where the Timecard report is automatically generated with the click of a button. This eliminates the need to manually input data from various sources, saving considerable time. Now, the Payroll Administrator can produce a Timecard report in under 5 minutes and export it as a PDF for approvals.

The Business Impact
  1. Cost Savings
    It’s estimated that Aedo’s solution saved the client approximately $200,000 per year in overpayments that were occurring with the previous payroll process. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for dedicated personnel for these manual tasks, the company saw an additional annual saving of $160,000 across all of its business units.

  2. Costly Error Reduction
    With the new approach, employees reclaimed 4 hours weekly. This translates to an annual time saving of roughly 250 hours for each Payroll Administrator.

  3. Improved Employee Satisfaction
    Freed from tedious manual data entry, Payroll Administrators experienced a notable boost in job satisfaction. This liberation also enabled them to focus on higher-value work.