Enhancing Productivity and Insight

A Success Story of Operational Visibility and Efficiency Transformation

“All of my interactions with the Aedo team have been incredibly positive.
They understand data extremely well, and the problems specifically inside of the construction Industry.”

The Client: A mechanical contractor located in the Midwestern United States. They supply expert mechanical design, engineering, installation and service to the construction industry.

The Challenge

Operational Managers did not have visibility into the productivity of the fabrication shop at Helm. Productivity was only measured based on gut feel, and labor hours pulled from the ERP system. This led to inaccuracy in details and hence affected the decision-making. Management struggled to track and see the status of materials used in the shop which would have resulted in excess cost.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation of the problem, Aedo delivered a dashboard which helped them keep track of the productivity of their projects. The data sources were integrated to ease the process of pulling the data and to remove any manual effort, hence saving time. The dashboard provides a high-level view of all the projects and also has the ability to drill through details for each project individually.

The Business Impact
  1. Enhanced Project Productivity Monitoring
    The introduction of the dashboard enabled efficient tracking of project productivity. This enhanced oversight allowed the company to promptly identify areas of success and concern, aiding in making informed decisions to optimize performance.

  2. Streamlined Data Integration and Time Savings
    Through the integration of data sources, the previously cumbersome process of data retrieval was simplified. Manual efforts were eliminated, leading to substantial time savings. This efficiency improvement could potentially free up resources for more valuable tasks.

  3. Holistic Project Insights and Detailed Analysis
    The dashboard not only provided an overview of all projects but also offered the capability to delve into specific project details. This combination of high-level visibility and granular analysis facilitated comprehensive decision-making that could lead to improved project outcomes and resource allocation.