Efficiency in Extra Work Order (EWO) Generation

A Transformational Approach to EWO Creation


Time Reduction


Estimated Annual Administrative Savings


[On First Year]

“We saved so much time across the business! Now our staff is free to focus on the tasks we hired them to do.”

The Client: A specialty contractor based in the United States, with over 60 years of experience. Offering services including drywall, masonry and other specialties.

The Challenge

Our client was mired in a cumbersome Extra Work Order (EWO) ticket generation process. While 5-10 minutes per ticket seems negligible, the reality is stark: with over 3,000 tickets created weekly, the manual process consumed more than 10 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) across their organization. This translated to nearly half a workweek per project where skilled professionals were diverted from pivotal project oversight to routine administrative tasks — a
glaring inefficiency.

The Solution

After gaining a thorough understanding of the problem, Aedo delivered an application that automated the EWO ticket generation process. With a single click, Aedo’s solution combines the needed information from the T&M Ticket Pricing application with a summary cover sheet to create the EWO ticket. This automation streamlines the EWO ticket creation, review, and submission process to under 2 minutes, enabling faster client approvals.

The Business Impact
  1. Significant Cost Savings & Strong ROI
    Achieving a 75% time reduction translated to over $560,000 in annual administrative savings. Moreover, the solution is poised to realize a 25X return in its first year alone.

  2. Enhanced Productivity & Job Satisfaction
    By eliminating repetitive admin tasks, project teams experienced better job satisfaction and could focus on important project oversight responsibilities.

  3. Accuracy & Risk Mitigation
    Automating the process has significantly reduced EWO ticket errors, minimizing associated financial, legal, and customer satisfaction risks.