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How to Successfully Integrate Digital Timecards with Your Payroll System

The Never-Ending Battle of Timecard & Payroll Integration

In the modern age of construction, an integral component of every successful project is seamless timecard and payroll integration. The solution: a digital approach is a proven way to improve these processes and alleviate the burden of paper overload, outdated manual entry, and lack of insight—knowing how many hours, overtime, allotted time vs overtime and more. 

So why is it so difficult to implement correctly? The most contentious part of any timecard and payroll management scenario is that the processes often involve out-of-date technology—too many legacy systems with no way to connect the proverbial dots.

To help you on your journey to seamless timecard and payroll integration we’ve created the following Business Guide: How to successfully integrate Digital Timecards with your payroll system

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