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Construction’s Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight: Manual Data Entry


Sometimes you need to have something shoved in your face repeatedly until you get it. Or maybe it’s just me…

In March of this year, I was informed that we were “adding a lot of construction projects to our platform” – 4,000 at that point. Heading into the homestretch, we are now approaching 25,000 new projects added in 2023.

In September during the opening keynote at Procore Ground Break, an off-hand comment from one of the executives caught my attention. He said, “…the industry’s double data entry problem.”

Turns out that addressing the manual data problem has been the majority of our business this year. And in an industry where technology receive the spotlight, improving manual data processes has the potential to be much more than simply an incremental improvement.

Improving inefficient data management has surprising good return on investment. Further it is a potential gateway to data-enabled innovation.

Let me explain.

The Surprising Cost of “Wrangling” Data:

We had a client, the CEO, speak at the Trimble Dimension conference. He discussed the $250k direct cost reduction from improving their change order pricing.

We’ve seen improvement to project setup and ongoing data synchronization resulting in 3X returns on investment.

Similarly we seen streamlining and improving manual payroll administration, yield multiples in direct cost reduction as well as ‘found money’ errors – resulting in immediate payback on the effort.

Perhaps my favourite client feedback of all time:

“Literally it is a click of a button, and all is coded and coded correctly!!! This is amazing and brings much happiness, the way it should work, crying tears of joy over here!”

Data wrangling can be moral-draining and soul-sucking on your staff.

The Domino Effect of Manual Data Entry:

The direct costs and the impact on employee morale is the easy stuff to uncover. More profound business ramification may be more camouflaged:

  • Substantial increase in data entry errors causing compromised accuracy and reliability.
  • Lengthy and unpredictable processing time reducing timeliness and availability of business-critical information.
  • Data silos resulting incomplete insight.
  • Increased decision-making and compliance risk.

These can be the difference-maker between outperformance and struggling for profitability.

Discovering Your Hidden Business Impact:

At Aedo, we’ve developed strategies and methodologies to help client streamline and improve data management. And we’ve had 25,000 construction projects of practice (and counting) this year alone.

More importantly, understanding the financial stakes for your organization is powerful and can drive confidence in investment decisions. It’s easy to invest $15,000 when the estimated business impact is over $50,000. It’s the kind of return that not only boosts your bottom line but also becomes a compelling reason for continuous improvement.

To facilitate such insight, we have developed the Manual Construction Data: Impact Calculator—a tool designed to quantify the potential gains from optimizing your data management processes.

Give our Impact Calculator a go and let us know what you discover. We’re here to help you score that first big ‘data wrangling’ win!

To your journey,


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