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What They Said

We are using a system to collect key data from the field: daily construction forms, sign-in forms, and tailgate safety meeting forms.

We’re looking for aggregated insights on top of field forms to submit each day.

Project manager spends a significant amount of time exporting data to determine who to chase to complete forms.

The Problem


Payroll Accuracy

Fail audits due to missed records and incorrect data 


On-site attendance tracking of employees

Spends a lot of time backtracking documents, reports, and safety for validation 


Takes a significant amount of time to validate daily sign-in sheet

Average of 4 hours per week is wasted on completion of forms by the project manager  


Little to no visibility in tracking disputes at work

Can’t track progress and reason for delays 

Ideal Outcome

Daily insights on top of field forms

Transparency on daily completed forms

Bird’s eye view for a specific timeline 

Keeping safety incidents accurately monitored

Turning Data into a Business Asset

A centralized hub that can monitor real-time field forms submission 

Ease of access for filter criteria

Track summary metrics (for missing forms) 

Prompt response and seamless dialogue between management and field team  

No data wrangling 

Impactful insights immediately available with each field form

Enabling and Measuring

Saves up to hundreds of man-hours to backtrack paper trails 

Solve historical disputes within minutes 

Accuracy of data (100%) 

Trailblazing! Future Benefits

Instantaneous notice on accidents happening on-site 

Correlate timecards and daily sign in 

Available safety vs. high incidentsreport 

Cost not overrunning on budget 

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