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What does Aedo do?

Aedo guides construction companies to critical business insights using data analytics.

What is a critical business insight?

A critical business insight eliminates a big business-impacting problem.
Problems are the opportunity: labor cost risks, timeliness of change order creation, efficiency of monthly forecasting and billing, regulatory compliance, etc.

How does Aedo accomplish this?

Aedo utilizes a 5-step approach called the Aedo Insight Process.

  1. Clarity and deep understanding of the “problem”.
  2. Creative design of the business critical outcome that would address the problem – low cost shared alignment.
  3. Identify and unlock the required business data.
  4. Transform data in a valuable and enduring business asset.
  5. Create the envisioned business critical insight. Deploy and assess business impact.
Is Aedo a technology or service company?

Both and actually neither. Aedo’s product is the elimination of impactful business problems through business-critical insight.

How do I get started?

Pick a business problem that matters to you and your company, and book a call with us.