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What They Said

We’re getting ready to start work on a project. This project has very specific requirements for the format of the change orders.

The system we’re using can’t produce the required output file, nor add the custom pricing logic, and we will be responsible for managing 50 subcontractors, which is not feasible through a manual process.

At the moment, each subcontractor submits a different style of change order, and our coordinators must generalize and repeat the data entry to get it into format.

Manually transferring the data into the new format requires significant number of hours

The Problem


Manual Processing

No efficient data extraction from the platform in the manner specified by the client


Tedious and Error-prone

Manual process works but result in data management overload and prone to data errors


Lack of System Integration

Integration with Finance and Project Management System is still manual which causes data limitation and delays in change order processing

Construction Problem

Aedo designed a solution to eliminate
this time-consuming and error-prone work.


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Immediate access to change order data via T&M pricing application

Capability to easily get data into key systems

Ability to get the data into a useful format

Ease of pricing the change order into a bundle

Ideal Outcome

desired outcome

Smooth change orders approval rate tailored to the needs of the client

Automation on repeated type of change orders per historical bundle of work

Added business logic for identifying approval rates by type

Automatic integration into other systems

Turning Data
into a
Business Asset

data as an asset

Enabling and

Measure outcome

Accuracy and timeliness of the data

Project savings up to $70k FTE a year

Immediate availability of change order insight

Identify and address problem projects more quickly and easily

Project Visibility

Future Benefits


Project the amount range for change order types based on historical data

High-impact change order type identification

Increased approval rate

Track real-time overall profit ratio vs. budget

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