Compliance Reporting Made Easy

California Wage Order 16

Eliminate paperwork hassles and government fines with Aedo

Complying With Labor Law Reporting Requirements Can Be Difficult

Demonstrating compliance with labor laws, such as California Wage Order 16, can be extremely onerous for construction companies.

This is especially true if your digital timecard system can’t produce and store the labor reports required by law.

Are you tired of being at risk?

Simplify Your Compliance Reporting Process

We’ll quickly collect compliance data from multiple systems, then customize your reports based on state requirements.

Make Compliance Reporting a Breeze

Say goodbye to paperwork and potential fines and hello to automated compliance reporting.

CA Wage Order 16 workflow


Easy Integration

Integrate with any timekeeping system with ease.

Custom Reporting

Generate reports that comply with local labor laws.

Rapid Viewing

View reports through our web portal or export it as a PDF.

Aedo Makes it Easy to Comply

Aedo helps you simplify this task by automating compliance reporting.

We integrate with your digital timecard system and customize your labor reports based on state requirements.


All this is typically completed in 2-3 weeks and typically costs less than: