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Harness Data to Power Your Business Improvements

On-Demand Data Expertise On Your Team

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Calling all Trailblazers!

Thanks for being part of our inaugural Harnessing Data for Business Improvement course. We’ve had great engagement and feedback.

If you…

  • Are a Trailblazer
  • Have a worthy problem to solve (or even the sense you could have one)
  • Need a dynamic data team and proven approach
The Aedo Blue Data Team Extension might be right for you

Your trusted partner in data-powered business improvement

Sign up for our ‘Walk’ plan to secure your dynamic data team and start making your business better


$4,000 / Month

‍Foundational Aedo Blue Data Extension tier. Get started harnessing data to power business improvements. Enables the team to come up to speed together. Achieve immediate results and establish a strong baseline for ongoing innovation.


$6,000 / Month

Most popular Aedo Blue Data Extension tier. Build on initial successes. Established harnessing data cadence. Accelerates the pace of improved business results. Create momentum and a culture of continuous improvement.


$10,000 / Month

Time to crush it! Premium Aedo Blue Data Extension tier. For Trailblazers addicted the alchemy of harnessing data. Concurrent impact initiatives. Shift into top gear and accelerate results. Rapid business growth and data as a strategic asset.

Aedo Blue Data Team Extension Benefits

  • Your Data Arm: business | technical | strategy
  • Experts in harnessing data for business improvements
  • Collaborative learning and reliability
  • Alignment on optimizing outcomes
  • Breadth and depth of resources to meet any challenge
  • Adaptability and agility: resources, scope, timelines, pace
  • Investment control and confidence: speed up, slow down, stop

Limited Availability

We have limited availability for new Aedo Blue clients. Once the dance card is full, it’s to the waitlist.

This isn't a marketing gimmick; it's a bandwidth and quality of service reality. Don’t risk missing out.


Course Bonus

The first 5 Trailblazers to sign up for our ‘Walk’ plan not only get started on solving their problems right away but will also receive an additional 25% services “power boost.”

Talk to us and we’ll explain what this means.

This bonus offer expires at 5 PM ET on Tuesday, June 18th.

Zero Risk Commitment

You can increase, decrease, pause, or cancel your Aedo Blue subscription at any time, giving you full control and flexibility over the pace at which your problems are solved.

Ready to Get Started?

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Bonus offer expires at 5 PM ET on Tuesday, June 18th

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What Our Clients Say

“Partnering with Aedo has given us a data team and processes to finally get past our indecision and lack of expertise. We've been able to solve some really big tech challenges, making us more productive and allowing our team to focus on construction."

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